The NewHORRIzon Social Readiness Thinking Tool

The NewHoRRIzon Social Readiness Thinking Tool has been designed so that it is useful for researchers engaged in new as well as ongoing projects. RRI projects. Some RRI projects. References for these projects and a detailed account of the tool's underlying methodology is available  here

If your project involves several researchers, it is recommended that the full team be involved in using the Societal Readiness Thinking Tool together. Ideally, the team would use the tool from the earliest phases of the project and return at later stages thougout the project life.

You can learn more about the tool's RRI terminology here .


1. To use the tool, start by registering your project. Registering allows you to save your work and continue at a later point in time. The tool can also be used without registration.      

2. Next, select your project's current research phase.      

3. Then select if you want to use the RRI-related key or conditions that you wish to focus on.      

4. When you are done using the tool, you can download a summary of your work in a PDF file.      

The thinking tool includes:

· 'Tool-tips' to help you navigate the tool.        

· A selection of methods and resources that might inspire your own work.        

See the three-minute introductory video  on how to use the tool.

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